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There are crucial St. Petersburg real estate features and characteristics found in St. Petersburg, Florida that individuals seem to always be searching for when researching real estate. These characteristics are universally popular and I plan to detail for you a number of excellent examples here in this article. By detailing these illustrations here in this editorial, it is my hope that they will help you evaluate the alternatives available to you if you’re truly thinking about purchasing a new St. Petersburg real estate property in the near future. St. Petersburg is, in some cases, a difficult place to find just the right real estate to suit your needs and requirements, but I have detailed some features here seen in local real estate to let you become more knowledgeable with your alternatives, and so that you can make a much better decision in the future when you finally decide to buy a new home.

Involved in this article are a few of examples of luxury home characteristics individuals searching in St. Petersburg, Florida seem to always be interested in and look for when they venture out in search for locally available real estate. Most people searching in this area seem to look for these certain features, and hopefully they will resonate with what you are searching for as well; or at least give you a much better understanding of the market in St. Petersburg. It can be a challenging task searching for a new real estate purchase that is right for you and your family, but these factors that I have identified here in this article should definitely help you be a lot more familiar with regional tendencies usually found in real estate in St. Petersburg.

An Average Size Of Luxury St. Petersburg Real Estate Is Often In The Range Of 6,448 Square Feet Like Seen in This Beautiful Mediterranean Style Home.

Individuals in St. Petersburg have many beautiful single family homes from which to choose, but an interior like this specific one with 6,448 of living space seems to be more popular with residents searching for a Mediterranean style home like this and for the comfort level that this home offers. This home’s interior has been beautifully designed and shows us a fantastic example of what you'll find in luxury St. Petersburg real estate, especially with its gorgeous hardwood floors and marble floors throughout the home. This lot of 0.29 acres has been designed and built perfectly to make this single family home an excellent decision in Florida for anyone wanting to live in St. Petersburg.

Included in the fantastic look and style of this single family home are outdoor lighting and a beautiful patio that makes this Mediterranean style home simply stunning, and it is located in a good St. Petersburg area with a quality design. This layout stands out from the rest as it offers 5 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms. These features are not always present in real estate in this area. With the lot size of 0.29 acres, this residence is particularly beautiful to see with its gorgeous construction of concrete block/stucco, exterior and other amazing features.

When visiting this Mediterranean style home in St. Petersburg, Florida, there's no denying its beauty. It was built in 2010 and listed at a price of $2,855,000. People searching for a luxury home seem to gravitate towards 5 bedroom single family homes like this one we are reviewing here in this editorial. Its beautiful design is found in zip code 33703 of St. Petersburg. This ideal illustration of real estate is best for showing people in this area that they can get built-in features, ceiling fans, a central vacuum system, jetted bathtub, open floor plan, pantry, secondary bedrooms split from master bedroom, tub and separate shower, wet bar, and beautiful window treatments. This is a stunning residence for a reasonable price with a gorgeous style that everyone is sure to like.

Potential house buyers search for good central air conditioning, central heat, electric heating and utilities in St. Petersburg real estate.

There’s much more than just a beautiful exterior in this single family home, and someone from St. Petersburg really should factor into consideration when viewing this home that it has all of the utilities expected in a home of this quality. Everyone wants to see these utilities in any real estate. Public sewer service, public water supply, and TV cable available are just a few of the utilities included in this single family home. Also included in this Mediterranean style home are: central air conditioning, central heat, and electric heating. Don’t neglect to notice its parking, which offers a comfortably sized 2 car garage, attached parking, automatic garage door, circular driveway, and a huge, oversized garage for your vehicle, which is a feature individuals exploring for the perfect home in St. Petersburg are inclined to look at in a Mediterranean style home like this one.

Finding the very best master bedroom can be tough when someone is searching in St. Petersburg, but this single family home has a stunning 17x16 master bedroom. Its gorgeous great room offers a terrific excuse to invite family and friends over on a regular basis for a night of visiting together and having fun. And let’s not neglect where all of the conversations usually end up during social gatherings—it will be in this amazing 25x17 kitchen with its bar, refrigerator, built-in oven, clothes dryer, clothes washer, cooktop range, dishwasher, disposal, double oven, freezer, microwave oven, and refrigerator that makes this example of anything but a typical real estate purchase and a perfect decision for anyone looking to live in St. Petersburg.

When someone is searching for real estate to purchase in St. Petersburg, people seem to prefer a single family home with outdoor lights and a magnificent patio. This particular residence offers just that. With its attractive concrete block/stucco exterior construction built on a slab foundation, this home is a terrific designed single family home. This beautiful part of the community of St. Petersburg is great for anyone who wants to enjoy the city’s many recreational activities, making this Mediterranean style home ideally located for any outdoor activities that you may choose.

Any Luxury St. Petersburg Real Estate In Florida Should Offer Several Wonderful Interior And Exterior Features. This Home Will Not Disappoint!

Popular real estate choices in this area seem to include the same type of interior characteristics present in this Mediterranean style home that people in St. Petersburg, Florida like in a single family home in this price range. It’s critical for individuals to see a Mediterranean style home like this one that has these very important interior features present; for example: all of the built-in features, ceiling fans, central vacuum system, jetted bathtub, open floor plan, pantry, secondary bedrooms split from master bedroom, tub and separate shower, wet bar, and special window treatments. The additional rooms found in this Mediterranean style home seem to offer what upscale buyers demand: an attic, den, family room, formal dining room, foyer, game room, great room, downstairs master bedroom, and a storage room.

St. Petersburg may not seem like the place to use a fireplace, but for those people that do like to have one, they may prefer one like this single family home has for them to stay warm during those cold evenings in the winter with its family room gas fireplace. A swimming pool is always a very important feature that individuals enjoy during those hot, “dog-day” summers, and this residence has a really great one--something you must consider when looking for luxury real estate. People enjoy characteristics like these in any new single family home, and they play a major role in the final decision on a luxury real estate purchasing decision in St. Petersburg.

It is well known in the State of Florida that some of the very finest schools in the entire state are in St. Petersburg. This single family home is located in an amazing school district, which is something most people take into consideration when researching real estate in St. Petersburg. We all have different reasons for what we think makes St. Petersburg wonderful. For some it is the schools, and for me it is the water activities that will impress just about everyone. This single family home offers the lucky people that buy it a bay or ocean frontage, incredible swimming pool, and a magnificent waterfront property location.


This is a short list of significant details this single family home has to offer:


  • City: St. Petersburg
  • County: Pinellas
  • State: Florida


  • Living Room: 20x16
  • Kitchen: 25x17


  • Master Bedroom: 17x16
  • Bedroom 2: 13x14
  • Bedroom 3: 11x11
  • Full Bathrooms: 4


  • Price: $2,855,000
  • Year Built: 2010


  • Building Square Feet: 6,448
  • Acres: 0.29
  • Lot Dimensions: 90x140


The most popular residence characteristics people in St. Petersburg, Florida believe to be essential for them when they are looking for a real estate purchase have been clearly outlined here on this editorial for you to study. From these examples in this editorial, you should now be better ready to evaluate your existing options so that the right decision on St. Petersburg real estate for you and your family can be done with full assurance. Now having read this article carefully, I hope that you are far more familiar with the regional home features important to people searching for luxury real estate in St. Petersburg, and I believe your final choice on a real estate purchase will now be much simpler to make.

Studying this article and the time it took out of your busy schedule should better prepare you and help you make your final choice on a St. Petersburg real estate property. To really ready yourself, you need to do a little research and study like you did when you decided to read this article carefully on usually expected luxury home characteristics and features and having read it, should help you in making your final selection of a new home. Hopefully studying this article even a little bit will prove to have an enormous benefit on your choice of home. Although it’s a tiny step to take, when searching for a St. Petersburg real estate reading this article should help to ensure you are clear on what could be ideal for you and your loved-ones.

Published: November 27, 2016

By: hausvu-admin

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