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St. Petersburg, Florida property with these qualities of features laid out in this editorial is surely going to catch the interest of people searching for a house for sale. So get a sheet of paper and write out what you are looking for and highlight the features you like in this St. Petersburg home. It is safe to say this home is a good standard of what you should expect to see out in the marketplace, and this list can eventually help you decide in picking a house for sale in the future that is not only perfect for you but also meets all of your needs. It can be hard searching for a new house for sale in St. Petersburg, but the features identified here in this article really should help familiarize you with local property and obviously make you a lot more capable in creating the ideal decision for your perfect choice in a home in the future.

These are only a few examples of features found among a house for sale in which St. Petersburg, Florida residents have shown interest when they are searching for a superb piece of property for them and their family. This editorial includes most of the ordinarily found features sought after by local people when they are searching for a home and which are hopefully much like those you will be looking for in a new home, but if not, at least you should have improved your St. Petersburg market understanding when you finish reading this article. Become familiar with these local trends in St. Petersburg properties so that next time you go perusing for a house for sale you might be better suited for the demanding job of finding a new piece of property.

Before Deciding On A St. Petersburg House For Sale Be Sure To Look At The Master Bedroom And Living Room So That You Can Make An Intelligent Decision.

Because we usually spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, you should know that this home’s master is the perfect size of 16x16 feet, which complements this ranch style property perfectly and makes it stand out from the rest of the single family homes in St. Petersburg. The lucky individual who buys this residence can have a gorgeous 17x30 family room that offers a reason to have social events with family and friends as often as possible. And of course the best spot for relatives and friends to enjoy throughout social occasions with its 14x16 kitchen. After all, most conversations manage to find themselves in the kitchen area, and hopefully you will note why this example of a house for sale in St. Petersburg, which also includes a bar refrigerator, clothes dryer, clothes washer, dishwasher, disposal, exhaust fan/hood, gas range and oven, microwave oven, range and oven, and refrigerator will make this home a great decision to any person who wishes to live in this particular neighborhood.

When researching for a house in St. Petersburg you will be enjoyably astonished to get such a fabulous ranch style single family home with a 0.37 acre lot and with outdoor lights, patio, and storage/out-building. It has 3 bed rooms, 3 full bathrooms, and 2 half bathrooms not always found in other properties in this region, but also, this house for sale has features that makes this one in particular an amazing and wonderful design. You might be pleased to discover this home’s unbelievable concrete block\stucco, and stucco exterior construction really complements this spectacular neighborhood and makes this home a very desirable choice to anybody.

It’s essential for most individuals browsing in St. Petersburg house for sale to find one with outdoor lights, patio, and storage/out-building on the outside of the property like this residence shown here. Its concrete block\stucco, and stucco exterior structure constructed on a slab foundation is a small detail that is often ignored, but significant to any well-designed residence in this community. This home is a fabulous part of the community of St. Petersburg, and this is a terrific spot for this ranch style residence which anyone who appreciates the city’s recreational activities will absolutely love.

Here’s One Fantastic Example Of A Ranch Style Home That You’ll Find If You’re Exploring For A St. Petersburg House For Sale In This Part Of Florida.

Gorgeous ranch style homes much like this one are very well-liked in St. Petersburg, Florida, and it was constructed in 1942 and listed at a price of $1,175,000. It is a superb example of a 3 bedroom single family home of this size and comfort as you are studying the market. You can discover this stunning built residence in St. Petersburg, in the zip code community of 33704. For this price range and community, this illustration is great to show you what the marketplace provides, especially with its ceiling fan, jetted bathtub, open floor plan, pantry, secondary bedrooms split from master bedroom, skylight, tub and separate shower, walk-in closet, wet bar, and window treatments which this home includes.

In checking out the many single family homes existing in St. Petersburg, the more well-liked ones manage to offer at least 3,969 square feet of living space for a greater level of comfort, as seen in this home. It’s gorgeous hardwood floors all through the home is an excellent reason this home is a superb example of a magnificently designed interior not always found in a typical St. Petersburg house for sale of this price range. On its 0.37 acre size lot, this single family home is built and created to make anybody researching in St. Petersburg, Florida a great house for their family.

This single family home provides much more than a stunning exterior, and if you are searching for a house for sale in St. Petersburg you must review its utility features. Its amenities involve public sewer service, and public water supply; and be sure not to ignore this ranch style home’s central air conditioning, central heat, and electric heating. Also, don't disregard this residence's 2 car garage, with an automatic garage door, detached with guest parking and a pad for an extra vehicle, which is an important factor in St. Petersburg with potential buyers searching for a home for their family.

If You Are Truly In The Market For A St. Petersburg House For Sale I’m Sure It Is Safe To Assume A Pool Would Be Something You Are Interested In.

Nothing could be far more fun on those hot days than to come home to a single family home in St. Petersburg and jump into your very own swimming pool. So in your efforts to find a house for sale and exploring for a ranch style home of your dreams, this amazing swimming pool should put this residence high on your list. This is a beautiful feature any person will adore in the middle of the summer months when you are trying to survive the heat, and it may be a deciding factor if you are looking to buy a ranch style home in St. Petersburg such as this one.

There can be several features in a ranch style residence that stand out, but one must focus on those that manage to be popular with prospective buyers looking for a new house for sale in St. Petersburg, Florida; especially in the price bracket of this particular example. Its ceiling fan, jetted bathtub, open floor plan, pantry, secondary bedrooms split from master bedroom, skylight, tub and separate shower, walk-in closet, wet bar, and window treatments appears to be features buyers seek out in a new single family home, which isn't always available to buyers as this one provides. Any extra rooms a home provides helps influence prospective buyers to buy a new residence, especially if it includes a den, family room, foyer, game room, and a living/dining room combination, that can certainly be terrific bonus features to consider.

Winter days in St. Petersburg can get very cool, so a fireplace could be a very handy feature in a single family home, and this residence highlighted in this article includes a lovely gas fireplace. Even if you are not thinking of using a fireplace for those cool and dreary nights, if you are searching for a house for sale, you must still factor features like this in properties in St. Petersburg. Features like these give a single family home excellent value, because home buyers often seek these features when making a final decision on a new house for sale.


Here’s a straightforward guide of the vital facts this single family home has to offer:


  • City: St. Petersburg
  • County: Pinellas
  • State: Florida


  • Living Room: 17x30
  • Kitchen: 4x16


  • Master Bedroom: 16x16
  • Bedroom 2: 13x16
  • Bedroom 3: 11x16
  • Full Bathrooms: 3
  • Half Bathrooms: 2


  • Price: $1,175,000
  • Year Built: 1942


  • Building Square Feet: 3969
  • Acres: 0.37


The most wanted property features people in St. Petersburg, Florida feel to be significant when researching for a new house for sale is obviously put forth in this article for you to learn more about properties in the area. If when you hit the buyer’s market and you start off by keeping in in mind all your existing possibilities for a St. Petersburg house for sale, you should now be better prepared and be able to make the best choice on whether or not to purchase a home, and to do so with complete confidence that it’s the very best decision for you and your loved-ones. Styles range from city to city, and the trends most commonly found in the communities all over St. Petersburg detailed here today should assist you to overcome any worry that you may be going through in your search to find a house for sale, which then should ensure your final choice in a property that is ultimately perfect for you.

As many people put effort to come across a house for sale they like by going all around St. Petersburg, they neglect to take the time to read and study articles such as this one that might assist them in finding the ideal residence. A lot of people don’t like reading and studying, but luckily you already know better, and by understanding this article on typically found quality home features, your final choice in a property will come far more easily to you when you are finally ready to make it. Your selection will likely be impacted by this little step to read this editorial, and when the time to decide on a St. Petersburg house for sale that suits you comes, I’ll bet you that you will have a much better knowledge of what is available and what is best for you.

Published: January 11, 2017

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