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St. Pete Beach, Florida real estate property with the kind of features laid out here in this article are surely going to receive the interest of individuals browsing for new homes. If you are really excited about exploring something you might like in real estate, the examples in this editorial should help you to know all of your options better when researching for St. Pete Beach new homes. The top New Homes in St. Pete Beach can be challenging to come across, but the feature examples explained here in this article will hopefully assist you to make the best decision.

When somebody is exploring for new homes, particularly when they want to find a home in St. Pete Beach, Florida, they search for certain features in a house. We have identified the most typical features in this home that local people have come to expect, and we have clearly detailed them in this article, however if they don’t match what you are interested in, then you will have at least gained a greater understanding on what is available in the St. Pete Beach housing market. This can be a difficult job, browsing for new homes, however these elements recognized here in this editorial should absolutely assist you to be aware of what local fads that are normally discovered in a typical home in St. Pete Beach.

Perfect St. Pete Beach New Homes With A Beautiful Lot, Such As This Bungalow Style Residence Offers, Should Get Your Attention.

Usually when somebody is researching for the ideal residence in St. Pete Beach they are surprised to get such a fabulous bungalow style single family home with a sensational guest house located on a beautiful lot, just like this home. This home includes 3 bed rooms, 2 full baths, and is an amazing example of new homes in the market that you will find in this region; but this one appears to stand out from the rest in our opinion. An excellent piece of real estate with an amazing architecture that makes this stunning residence a perfect marketplace example for us to consider and review.

Looking at the most spectacular single family homes available to people in St. Pete Beach, the more popular properties buyers seem to require a minimum of 1,264 sqft of living space, as we see in this property. If you are seeking to live in an ideal neighborhood and want to make sure you are looking at the best St. Pete Beach new homes, you might just like this property from the moment you step in the door and see its wonderful hardwood floors and tile flooring. On its beautiful lot on which this single family home is built, is in a great location and built to make any person browsing in St. Pete Beach, Florida an ideal residence to consider for their family.

Checking out this bungalow style home in St. Pete Beach, Florida, there is no doubting its style and design. Made in 1951, and listed for the sale price of $350,000, it would appear that its residents have gravitated towards 3 bedroom single family homes much like this one. Notably found in the zip code 33706 in St. Pete Beach, it is situated among one of the most sought after neighborhoods in town. We should also note that in this home the secondary bedrooms are split from master bedroom, making this design something to take note of while looking at other new homes that are very attractive to people who are wanting to move in to this neighborhood with such an affordable price.

In Florida, Do St. Pete Beach New Homes That Have A Guest House Knock Your Socks Off?

It is sometimes vital for many families searching in St. Pete Beach for new homes to find a guest house on the outside of the residence like this property shown here. Around the exterior of this home, you will find a wonderful architecture and with it being on a slab foundation, this house has a layout that should catch anyone’s eye. Ideally found in a fabulous part of St. Pete Beach, this particular bungalow style residence is a walking distance away from many great outdoor activities the city has to offer its residents or any person wanting to move to this area.

People searching for new homes will recognize the utilities found in this single family home, particularly if they are researching in St. Pete Beach for an excellent home that has more than just a beautiful exterior. It features central air conditioning and heating which are frequently expected to be found in this region by most looking for a bungalow style property in this community and for this price. This property's amazing eight parking spaces help overcome the fact it has no garage, which is sometimes a feature that St. Pete Beach people search for in a residence, but with 8 parking spaces this property could actually become an income opportunity during the busy summer months.

Exploring an ideal master bedroom can be tough, but this St. Pete Beach single family home shows us a typical bungalow style residence with a gorgeous 15x14 master bedroom. Another room in which we spend a considerable amount of time is our living room, and this home’s 18x16 family area is perfect for throwing functions and gatherings with friends and family. For any individual who likes to live in St. Pete Beach this is a great example of new homes which features a refrigerator and range and oven in its cozy 10x8 kitchen area, perfect for cooking great family meals.

Here’s An Excellent Illustration Of A Bungalow Style Residence That You May Find If You’re Looking For St. Pete Beach New Homes In This Part Of Florida.

A single family home in St. Pete Beach, Florida with well-known features similar to this particular home seem to receive the awareness of prospective buyers a great deal more than other homes in the marketplace. Anyone can argue which of these interior features is a lot more significant than others for possible buyers, but if you are looking for a single family home, and especially if you are trying to search for secondary bedrooms split from the master bedroom, this is your home. This specific bungalow style residence also contains a living/dining room combination that we believe you will appreciate.

Remember to take a moment to do a fast study of this single family home’s brief guide of essential features:


  • City: St. Pete Beach
  • County: Pinellas
  • State: Florida


  • Living Room: 18x16
  • Kitchen: 10x8


  • Master Bedroom: 15x14
  • Bedroom 2: 11x13
  • Bedroom 3: 10x11
    Full Bathrooms: 2


  • Price: $350,000
  • Year Built: 1951


  • Building Square Feet: 1,264
  • Acres: 0.12
  • Lot Dimensions: 50x105


There are many residence features in St. Pete Beach, Florida for which you will find new homes in the market, and the features are the often the very same ones outlined for you in this article. The details in this article should improve your knowledge on your options and features in St. Pete Beach new homes, and by looking at this information you should increase your confidence to make a final choice in a home for your loved ones that ultimately become the very best possible decision for you. Having read this article should make you more comfortable with making a selection on new homes since you now are more familiar with St. Pete Beach’s local market trends.

After having study this short article about new homes, and as you will be choosing the best home in St. Pete Beach for you and your family, hopefully now you have a better perception of what is available for you to consider. Your decision to examine this article very carefully on generally located quality property features will greatly help your final decision in a home for you and your family. A decision that might just be affected in an enormous way for such a small step, and this we are confident will be confirmed to be true when you finally decide to look for St. Pete Beach new homes.

Published: February 13, 2017

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