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Often, most individuals quickly examine over articles similar to this one and overlook the opportunity and benefit from the information it has to offer, and more specifically the wonderful list of features located in the Palm Harbor, Florida that could help them to zero in on what they should really expect to find in local homes for sale on the market. For you to improve your understanding on the available options of Palm Harbor homes, this article lists a number of features as an example that must be taken into consideration and will hopefully assist you to keep watch for a local home that will exceed expectations. It can be tough exploring for new homes in Palm Harbor, but these features we have identified here in this article should really help familiarize you with local real estate to ensure you are far more capable in making a perfect decision when the time is right.

The features outlined in this editorial are just a handful of home details that most people in Palm Harbor, Florida search for in regularly available homes on the market in this exact neighborhood. So, the most regularly found features wanted by local residents are included here in this article, and you may also get enthusiastic about these same specifics, but if you for some reason are not, reviewing this article will at least give you a far better understanding of the Palm Harbor market. Browsing for new homes may be hard, but this article should help you become a great deal more familiar with Palm Harbor property and generally found factors we all should consider.

Palm Harbor Homes In Florida Should Deliver Numerous Fantastic Interior And Outdoor Features If They Are To Receive A Buyer’s Attention.

For a house in this price range in Palm Harbor, Florida you will be certain to find famous homes with indoor features similar to this residence. Some of these popular indoor features are built-in, such us an intercom system, which is just one great feature this single family home offers us. And finally, highlighted here let’s not forget its additional rooms, which you may be looking for so that you can get creative when you finally settle on a great new residence for you.

If you find yourself searching for a house in Palm Harbor a fireplace might not seem like an essential feature, but this single family home has a lovely family room fireplace which is great for those really freezing winter nights. There is nothing more appealing or makes a room more enticing than a fireplace, so you may want to find homes in Palm Harbor that matches this same type of beauty and desirability for your own new residence. As you learn about the residences available in Palm Harbor in your efforts to find great homes, be sure to always consider items like this one, to ensure you add desirability and value to your choice in a property.

This certain single family home in Palm Harbor features a spectacular swimming pool, so make sure you consider a property with one in order for you and your loved-ones to live through those fatal hot summers in this part of Florida. A swimming pool is frequently sought after by prospective home buyers researching for homes in this Palm Harbor community in this price bracket. Its obvious prospective buyers always have a list of features they expect in a new home, and this one is among those features people would love to have in their homes, specifically in this specific neighborhood of Palm Harbor.

Very Crucial Features To Examine Carefully In Any Palm Harbor Homes Are Its Central Air Conditioning And Gas Heating, And Utilities.

Often neglected at first sight, yet still very significant, a home’s amenities are critical when you are researching for homes in Palm Harbor and are as essential as several of the features you notice first when you are looking for a property. Providing central air conditioning and gas heating, and electric heating are all generally found in homes in this region in this price range and are popular with buyers. It would also appear that one can never have sufficient room for all of his/her vehicles and this Palm Harbor home offers us an attached 3 car garage with an automatic garage door.

A home in a gated community is usually in demand by people searching for a single family home in Palm Harbor, and this particular household is a great example of homes that capture people’s attention because of this. The exterior of this home is concrete stucco, constructed on a reliable slab foundation for a great design which will make this home receive people’s attention. And if you will like boating or the many other activities this community has to offer, this property is fantastically located for you or your family to take pleasure in them all.

A perfect home is sure to have an amazing master bedroom, exactly like this 18x23 master bedroom in this home which is ideal in this specific Palm Harbor neighborhood. Another room in which we pay a significant quantity of time is our family area, and this home’s family room is ideal for organizing functions and gatherings with friends and family. But everybody knows where the conversations usually end up; your kitchen. This 16x20 kitchen area is a good spot to organize your family and friends throughout those gatherings, but let’s not overlook its inclusions, like built-in oven, cooktop range, dishwasher, disposal, bar refrigerator, exhaust fan/hood, gas range and oven, and refrigerator which some expect to see in new homes and that local people in Palm Harbor seem to talk about.

The Best Palm Harbor Homes Could Even Include A Lot Size Of 0.38 Acres Just Like This Property.

Several of the stunning and more famous single family homes available in Palm Harbor provide individuals at a minimum 5,030 sq. ft. of living space, which is find in this particular residence. As an example of typical Palm Harbor homes, this one offers a fantastically designed indoor, and a lot more notably wonderful carpet, hardwood, marble and tile flooring that highlights the property very well. The home’s 0.38 acre lot is an ideal size if you are seeking a home in Palm Harbor, Florida and its private dock enhances this property to make it an outstanding choice in this region.

When searching for a house in Palm Harbor you may be enjoyably astonished to discover such a spectacular single family home residence with a 0.38 acre lot, and such a sensational backyard with a private dock. It has 4 bedrooms, 4 complete bathrooms, and 1 half baths like most other homes in this area, but the features this residence provides make it an excellent and stunning waterfront property. In case you are searching for a waterfront home in this area, evaluate the marketplace carefully paying great attention to what is available to homebuyers, such as you.

This 4 bedroom single family home constructed in 2007 was listed at a price of $1,495,000 and it is a great property for you to learn more about the market in Palm Harbor, Florida. This gated community home is found in the zip code neighborhood of 34684 of Palm Harbor. The property offers great built-in features which make this property a great example of what this community is offering in homes for anybody searching for a residence in and around this price.

Here’s a straightforward list of the vital specifics this single family home is offering:


  • City: Palm Harbor
  • County: Pinellas
  • State: Florida


  • Kitchen: 16x20


  • Master Bedroom: 18x23
  • Full Bathrooms: 4
  • Half Bathrooms: 1


  • Price: $1,495,000
  • Year Built: 2007
  • Taxes: $18,962


  • Building Square Feet: 5,030
  • Acres: 0.38


In Palm Harbor, Florida, many people anticipate to find certain significant residential features in new homes, and this editorial has tried to lay them out clearly for you to read. Utilize these details offered here, along with a guide of the features and options you like concerning this particular property, and use this in your search for Palm Harbor homes which you are sure to love, and it will offer you confidence because you will have a great head start on your search for the best home. Now that you have carefully studied this article and you are far more familiar with its local tendencies in Palm Harbor, you really should have a much easier time making your final decision on homes in the market.

Individuals who take this time to read this editorial very diligently will likely be better knowledgeable and it will better help them to make a final decision on a search in Palm Harbor for new homes. Some may think studying and learning is overrated, but you already know your selection will likely be based on generally found house features, and you are now better educated with your options. As you drive all around town browsing for Palm Harbor homes, think about what you have examine in this editorial, because it will help you get the residence that has the best value for your money, and possesses the kind of features explained here in this article.

Published: March 13, 2017

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