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Property in Largo, Florida needs to involve some important features if people looking for new real estate are to choose the best home for their money. This fact is significant to consider and this article will lay out numerous great examples from this particular residence for you to review. By pointing out these numerous examples in this piece it should help you to factor issues that should affect your choice of Largo real estate available in the marketplace for you and your family. Browsing for new real estate in Largo can sometimes be hard, but the features outlined within this editorial should give you a better perception of local property trends so that you can come to the very best decision when it's time to buy a residence.

The examples outlined in this article involve features individuals in Largo, Florida are usually interested in and have looked for before when they searched the market for real estate. The expectation is not that you are going to like every amenity showcased in this Largo residence, but regardless if it is your perfect property or not, by carefully checking the features found in this property, it will help you in your quest for your ideal home. Take a very few couple of minutes as you study this article about this spectacular Largo property to create a list of the features located in this residence as it will assist you in your search for real estate.

A Residence In This Part Of Florida Can Be Tough To Find, So Consider All Largo Real Estate included In This Amazing Residence To Get Started On Your Quest For The Perfect Home.

In Largo, Florida there are many wonderful homes that appear to be very trendy, and this one which was built in 2004 is great, and was listed at only $152,900. It is an amazing illustration of a 2 bedroom townhouse of this quality to review as a possible house buyers look for in this community. Its gorgeous layout is located in the zip code community of 33773 in Largo. When researching the local marketplace looking for real estate, you might not find a better illustration of a residence that delivers such a gorgeous interior which includes a ceiling fan, open floor plan, kitchen isle, tub and separate shower and lastly a walk-in closet for such a competitive price which will force you to pay attention to it.

In Largo many individuals looking for real estate desire a townhouse with a balcony on the outside of the household, just as this model illustrates. The exterior of the household features a strong structure and a slab foundation on which it will gave anyone pride to own. Most in Largo enjoy the city’s recreational activities, and if you or your family enjoys this as well, you may appreciate this residence being located in such an excellent part of town.

This certain property includes interior features typically sought after by people in the market for new real estate in Largo, Florida. These well-known interior features in the market involve a practical kitchen isle and open floor plan which are just some of this townhouse’s great features you need to review. When you are looking for additional value in a property, you may be pleased with this home’s living/dining room combinational design and its loft; in fact I’m sure of it.

Is A Pool Important To You When You Are Researching For Largo Real Estate?

A townhouse in Largo with a pool can help any individual survive those deadly high temperatures with a swimming pool as this specific residence offers. When you need to cool down, a pool will be very convenient, and it’s a must have feature some people seem to always look for in real estate. This is a lovely feature anybody will adore in the midst of the summer heat, and it will probably be a factor on a selection to buy a home in Largo like this one.

Usually when someone is searching for the perfect residence in Largo they are astounded to discover such a wonderful townhouse with a wonderful balcony like this real estate offers. In addition to its environment, its location shows us a great example of real estate in this community, and it contains the ideal number of bed rooms; two, coupled with 1 full bath and 1 half bathroom, making this property one of the best for the region in this price range. This residence is notably distinctive and perfect in our assessment especially if you are researching to read more about the city’s real estate market.

If the size of a house is important to your total enjoyment with your choice in a new property, you will be happy to find that this home has 1,271 sqft. Particularly with its stunning carpet and tile flooring highlighting a brilliantly constructed interior all through the home, I’m sure everyone will agree why this home is a great example of Largo real estate in this part of town. Any family looking to live in this neighborhood will find this home a great choice in Largo, Florida.

Before Deciding On Largo Real Estate Make Sure To Look At The Master Bedroom And Living Room.

An excellent master bedroom can oftentimes be a tough thing to discover, but this townhouse is a great illustration for a property in Largo with a wonderful 12x11 master bed room. Another room where we spend a substantial amount of time is our living room, and this home’s 27x12 living room is perfect for hosting events with family and friends. And let’s not forget its 10x10 kitchen, terrific for those social occasions where most individuals normally find themselves conversing. It includes a clothes washer, clothes dryer, dishwasher, exhaust fan/hood, range and oven, refrigerator and microwave oven, so I hope you can see why this house offers us a terrific example of real estate in this part of town.

Aside from the beautiful exterior of this townhouse, it also gives excellent amenities that a person from Largo needs to consider if they are really looking for real estate in this region. Available in this townhouse are all the basic utilities you need, but it particularly features central air conditioning and central heat that need to be stated, because as common as they are, people normally don’t inspect them thoroughly like they should in homes in this neighborhood. Lastly, it also includes an attached 1 car garage with automatic door for a motor vehicle which I’m sure you will appreciate to see in Largo if you are searching for a townhouse.

Remember to study this townhouse’s simple list detailing its crucial features:


  • City: Largo
  • County: Pinellas
  • State: Florida


  • Living Room: 27x12
  • Kitchen: 10x10


  • Master Bedroom: 12x11
  • Bedroom 2: 11x10
  • Full Bathrooms: 1
  • Half Bathrooms: 1


  • Price: $152,900
  • Year Built: 2004
  • Taxes: $1,628


  • Building Square Feet: 1,271
  • Acres: 0.03


I believe you will agree once you hit the marketplace these home features in this article are a few of the most expected by individuals in Largo, Florida if they are searching for real estate. So when you go out searching for Largo real estate you will now be better equipped to evaluate all your choices and hopefully make a superb selection on a new home after some help from this editorial. This article, having been very cautiously examined by the reader, should prepare you to become a great deal more familiar with Largo’s local fads, and ideally it will also assist you to make a choice on a real estate that will be a great deal more comfortable for you.

Thank you for finding the time to understand this editorial to better prepare you to come up with a final choice in real estate if you are searching in Largo. It is still recommended to make a list of several of the features dealt with in this editorial concerning this particular home to give you a guideline in your quest as you search for the residence of your dreams. You are already ahead of the game by studying all that you can to get the perfect Largo real estate that will meet your dreams and desires.

Published: February 5, 2017

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