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A residence on the marketplace in Tampa, Florida should have some important features people look for when wanting to buy new homes. This fact is significant to consider and this article lays out numerous fantastic examples of feature in a house for you to learn about. Get a pad and pen out, and make a list of the features you like in this Tampa home so that you can use as a guide for choosing homes that are ideal for your desires and needs. Sorting through the choices of homes in Tampa can be difficult, but the examples outlined in this editorial from a local house should help you get way more familiar with your existing options on the market, and it can assist you settle on one that is perfect for you.

When researching for homes, these examples in this editorial of features that are normally found in properties in Tampa, Florida really should help you reach an excellent decision on real estate in this particular neighborhood. The most generally found features by local people are included here in this article, and you may also get enthusiastic about these similar features, but if for some reason you are not, taking a look at this article will at a minimum give you a greater understanding of the Tampa market. By determining these key elements in this editorial on typically discovered local trends in real estate is a tough job, but the exploration for new homes may be done with certainty after reading this brief review.

A New Home Is Hard To Decide On If You Are Looking For Homes Tampa, But This Is A Great Example Of What The Market Has To Offer You.

Built in 1973, this 5 bed room single family home was recently listed at a price of $2,249,000, and this residence is a superb illustration of the market in Tampa, Florida for us to review and research. The neighborhood in Tampa where you can find this wonderful residence is zip code 33629; a very well-liked spot for most locals from this region. Ideal homes like this one are a perfect illustration of what the marketplace is offering, especially in this price range and neighborhood with the kind of features like it offers with an open floor plan, tub and separate shower, and a walk-in closet as this home includes.

Located in an excellent community of Tampa to live in, this 0.31 acre lot offers us a beautiful single family home that includes a balcony that is notably exceptional with gorgeous views. It has 5 bed rooms, 3 full baths, and 1 half bathroom, like plenty of other homes in this region, but the details this property offers make it an amazing and a gorgeous style for anyone to consider. You might be pleased to discover this home’s incredible concrete stucco structure suits this community spectacularly and makes this property a much desired choice to most looking around this area.

If the size of a residence is important to your general gratification in a property, you may be happy to find that this property is 4,500 square feet. Because flooring is one of the first things anyone sees as soon as they enter a home, the spectacular hardwood and marble floors makes it perfect as a choice for us to acknowledge in homes Tampa and this part of the state. Any family exploring could easily find this home an excellent choice to live in Tampa, Florida, which is beautifully built on a well situated 0.31 acre lot.

Before Settling On Any Homes Tampa Be Sure To Look At Their Master Bedroom And Living Room So That You Can Make An Intelligent Decision.

Consistent with other single family homes in this area, you might be happy to find out this Tampa home has an outstanding 25x15 master as well. Family and friends will adore coming over for social events in its living area and with this 22x16 living room you can play host any time of the year for whatever event you would like to celebrate. In special occasions, this 19x12 kitchen area could be a perfect spot for friends and family will enjoy, since we know so well that chitchats generally manage to wind up in the kitchen area. These makes this household a perfect example of Tampa homes on the market that are really sought after-not to mention the fact that it has a dishwasher, disposal, refrigerator, bar refrigerator, gas range and oven, range and oven, and microwave oven.

If the exterior of your dream property is vital to you and your family then you won’t be disappointed with this home’s spectacular balcony if you are searching for homes in the Tampa area. This home’s extraordinary concrete stucco exterior architecture on a strong slab foundation are what you should expect to find in such a fabulous neighborhood. Situated in a spectacular part of the town of Tampa, this property is ideally located for any individual who appreciates the many year round hobbies the town has to offer its residents.

There is much more to this single family home than just a wonderful exterior. Potential buyers from Tampa look for utility features which we find in this home and which you should know to search for when researching for new homes. Also, don’t rely on anyone else to review and inspect the utility features in a new house, and while you are at it, this home’s excellent central air conditioning and heating systems are also worth mentioning, because when you are looking at other homes in the area you may need a repairman soon after moving in. It appears that one can never have sufficient room for all of his/her cars, and this Tampa residence offers an attached 2 car garage with an automatic garage door which I’m sure you will appreciate.

On Any Homes Tampa The Style Is Significant And This Property Is A Great Example Of An Amazing Layout For You To Check Out.

A single family home in Tampa, Florida with popular features like this home are certain to get the interest of buyers much more than other residences in the marketplace. With basic features such as an open floor plan, and tub and separate shower, this single family home hits a perfect demographic of potential buyers searching in this particular neighborhood. It sometimes feels like there is never adequate space or places to put all of your belongings in your house, but you will be pleased with this home’s den, eat in kitchen, family room, formal dining room, formal living room, and foyer will allow its residents to be comfortable and creative with their home decor.

This single family home features the best swimming pool for a family to take pleasure in and live through those lethal sizzling hot Tampa months. When searching for homes, prospective homebuyers prefer a property in this neighborhood in this price range with a swimming pool, just like this home offers. As you can tell, this single family home includes features of great value to the marketplace, so if you are exploring for homes in Tampa make sure to keep these issues under consideration.


This brief guide from this single family home specifics what it provides:


  • City: Tampa
  • County: Hillsborough
  • State: Florida


  • Living Room: 22x16
  • Kitchen: 19x12


  • Master Bedroom: 25x15
  • Bedroom 2: 18x15
  • Bedroom 3: 16x16
  • Full Bathrooms: 3
  • Half Bathrooms: 1


  • Price: $2,249,000
  • Year Built: 1973
  • Taxes: $35,290


  • Building Square Feet: 4,500
  • Acres: 0.31
  • Lot Dimensions: 105x130


In Tampa, Florida, many people are prepared to find certain significant home features in new homes, and this editorial has tried to lay them out clearly for your review. Utilize the information that is provided here along with a shortlist of the features and possibilities you like concerning this specific showcased home and use the details during your search for homes in Tampa, and it should deliver you with the assurance that you have a good start on your search for a dream home. Learning the trends in Tampa and recognizing what is vital to your final decision on homes could be a terrifying process, but with what is offered here in this article should make you better fit to make that important final call on a new home.

As many people put some effort to find homes by driving around Tampa, they forget to take the time to understand and learn information from articles such as this one that might enable them to find a perfect house. Learning and reading is essential to exploring for the ideal home and it was an excellent decision for you to review this editorial. It shows that you would like to be better prepared to find homes with features like those specifically mentioned here. I strongly trust when the time comes for you to make a final decision on homes Tampa this tiny step of studying this article will prove to have an enormously good effect on your decision.

Published: March 24, 2017

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