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We have included some essential home features in Clearwater, Florida that individuals want should if they are browsing for new condos for sale are featured in this article and should be helpful to you by enabling you to be informed on these significant features in the market. You really should be able to have a better understanding of existing options to you of Clearwater condos for sale by reading this article of local property features normally found in and around this town. Taking a certain amount of extra time to study these examples should help your search around Clearwater for condos for sale and to find your ideal home, and by reading this article it can really help you identify just what you really want in a property.

These are only a couple of examples of features found among condos for sale in which Clearwater, Florida people have shown interest when they’re looking to make the perfect decision on a new piece of real estate. Residents in the area frequently search for these particular features, and they might be precisely what you are browsing for as well, but if they are not, at the very least your appreciation of the marketplace in Clearwater should be a lot better. It is also useful for you to create a guide of the features this Clearwater home is offering for you to use when comparing other condos in the area, since these features really should be something you should consider in your search for condos for sale.

Many Would Probably Concur That An Amazing Master Bedroom And Living Room Can Have A Deciding Factor In New Clearwater Condos For Sale.

A master bedroom with 20x12 room size is superb for most people taking a look at a residence in Clearwater, although oftentimes difficult to weigh out amongst others in a shortlist of condos available in the marketplace. If you like friendly events with friends and family, this home’s wonderful style is most excellent for organizing them with a great 16x15 living room every person will appreciate. Included in this home is a clothes dryer, clothes washer, dishwasher, disposal, microwave oven, range and oven, and refrigerator which most people in Clearwater would love to have included in their new condo, and trust me its 12x14 kitchen will be all the talk during your social get-togethers. For this particular community, this is a great model of condos for sale that you will hope to come across in Clearwater, Florida.

People looking for condos for sale will appreciate the amenities found in this condo, particularly if they are exploring in Clearwater for the perfect property that is much more than just a fabulous location. Providing the essential utilities you will find around this community, we should highlight that there’s TV cable available, central air conditioning and central heat which for this price bracket are commonly found in homes in this area potential home buyers look for. Be sure not to disregard its assigned parking as well and RV parking which is an important factor in Clearwater most people certainly like to have.

Individuals seem to prefer condos for sale in Clearwater with a balcony and outdoor lights in the exterior of the condo, and this illustration gives us a fantastic idea of what people search for in a home. Its concrete block\stucco exterior structure, built on a slab foundation makes this a nicely fashioned condo that most home buyers can trust and depend on in buying something well built. Also, you don't need to go far from this condo to come across exciting activities in Clearwater, and this condo is very close to fun activities for you within walking distance.

Get To Know The Marketplace All Over This Community Before Browsing Clearwater Condos For Sale. This Home Of 1,368 SQFT Is An Amazing Example To Get Started On Your Search.

Quite a few of the stunning, and far more popular, condos available in Clearwater provide individuals at the very least 1,368 sqft of living space for a higher comfort level, and which is obviously see in this home. In searching for Clearwater condos for sale we always prefer the most perfect one for us, and this is an outstanding illustration of an amazingly designed interior with stunning carpet and tile flooring across the home that will hopefully be an ideal example for you to consider. Any family browsing condos in which to live in comfortably should find this property to be a good decision in Clearwater, Florida.

Located in a terrific area of Clearwater to live in, this wonderful location can be experienced by the wonderful features this condo includes for anyone to appreciate its surrounding environment with a balcony and outdoor lights that as we said earlier, are notably exceptional. Also, this property is a fantastic example of condos for sale in this local area because it contains 2 bedrooms coupled with 2 full baths which is not only popular but also makes this residence ideal for the neighborhood. Its stunning architecture, makes it a wonderful choice to evaluate when checking out the market and what it has to offer us.

This 2 bed room condo constructed in 2002 is listed at a price of $202,000, a great and very reasonable residence for us to review and learn more about the marketplace in Clearwater, Florida. Its spectacular layout in the zip code neighborhood of 33764 of Clearwater should be noted. For you to discover more about what the market has to offer in condos for sale, this example will serve you nicely as a residence in this price range with terrific features like its cathedral ceilings, ceiling fan, pantry, and secondary bedrooms split from master bedroom, tub and separate shower, and walk-in closet that I think you will appreciate as well.

Whether You Are From Florida Or Not, I’m Sure Excellent Exterior And Indoor Features In New Clearwater Condos For Sale Are Critical To You And Your Loved-Ones.

Not every person in Clearwater searches for a home with a fireplace, but many do and that is why this condo has a gas fireplace for us that can be used for those freezing winter evenings. There is nothing far more appealing or makes a room more attractive than a fireplace, so you should want to find this feature in condos for sale in Clearwater to enhance the beauty and desirability of your new house. It is critical that your choice in condos for sale should consider these types of features as you look for the ideal home in Clearwater because they are considered to be value added items that add style to a residence like we see with this particular condo.

Most people needing a condo in Clearwater, Florida are searching for something like this very condo we feature here has to offer possible buyers. Cathedral ceilings, a ceiling fan, and a pantry are just a few number of features this condo is offering buyers who look for them all around this community. And finally, outlined here are its additional room feature that we need to point out in particular is its eat in kitchen; which you may be searching for once you see this one and decide to look for a new home.

A condo in Clearwater with a pool can help any person survive those near fatal summers and that this condo offers the new owner with its gorgeous swimming pool. It’s safe to assume this feature in a property captures people’s interest if they are exploring condos for sale in the same price range as this residence. Clearwater has several wonderful condos for sale, but none are more gorgeous and reasonably priced compared to what this condo has for you and your loved ones.

Here’s a simple list of essential facts this condo provides:

  • City: Clearwater
  • County: Pinellas
  • State: Florida


  • Living Room: 16x15
  • Kitchen: 12x14


  • Master Bedroom: 20x12
  • Bedroom 2: 13x12
  • Full Bathrooms: 2


  • Price: $202,000
  • Year Built: 2002


  • Building Square Feet: 1,368

I trust you will concur once you hit the marketplace these condo features put forth in this article are a few of the most desired by individuals in Clearwater, Florida when they are browsing for condos for sale. Now you should be better prepared to review all of the existing options of Clearwater condos for sale as a result of the examples in this editorial and coupled with the goal that you are ready to make a good decision when buying a new condo. Having read this article you should be much happier when making a selection on condos for sale since you should now be better acquainted with Clearwater’s local fads.

Individuals who take their time to learn from this article very carefully should be better knowledgeable and better prepared for them to make a final choice on Clearwater condos for sale. You may find your final choice in a property for you and family to be considerably assisted by re-studying this editorial on commonly discovered condo features. Although it’s a modest step, by examining this article it should demonstrate to you what the market has to offer and influence your choice when the time comes to make one on Clearwater condos for sale that best suit you and your family.

Published: February 5, 2017

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