Tierra Verde, Florida

Tierra Verde Is A Tropical Paradise In Florida’s West Gulf Coast

Tierra Verde is a tropical paradise in the southern tip of St. Pete Beach in Pinellas County, Florida. It originally consisted of 15 islands which were once upon a time all covered with bush, mangroves, and pines. Archaeologists hypothesize that over 500 years ago Tierra Verde was a sacred ground to Indian nations and home of deadly tribal conflicts with others who were trespassing the grounds. Later, Ponce De Leon, a Spanish explorer is said to have sailed into the area for the first time in 1513, later in 1521, and several other explorers who later followed him, giving us today a great tale of a supposed hidden treasure involving buccaneers and pirates which is always fun and exciting to hear about at a local restaurant.

Fast forwarding a few centuries to 1948, Mullet Key was sold to Pinellas County by the United States federal government. The U.S. government used Mullet Key as a southern coastal defense during the Spanish-American War of 1898, in which Fort De Soto was built. By the mid 1950’s several contractor started to develop the area for residential and commercial use, and a partnership which included two brothers from Detroit, Hyman and Irving Green, who called their investment ‘Green Land’. This is believed to be the origin of the city’s name, Tierra Verde. Lastly, Egmont Key still consists of some remains of the fort built in 1898, but after the sale Pinellas Country turn it into a park and recreation facilities which is today a natural preservation area for indigenous wildlife species called the Fort De Soto Park.

Today the city of Tierra Verde consists of six island areas that are all interconnected by several bridges, which you can drive through to see the most spectacular scenic views in the country. These areas are Monte Cristo, Sand Point, Pinellas Bayway, Entrada, West Shore (Oceanview), and East Shore (Bayview). Census taken in 2010 show the population of the area being 3,721, a big difference from the first home being in Monte Cristo in 1923, and the second home built in 1946. Today this paradise in Florida’s West Gulf Coast is a cool and booming area that most only dream to live in.

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Tierra Verde is surrounded by scientifically engineered waterways which work with the Gulf of Mexico’s tidal behavior to sweep clean the waterways, as deep as 15 feet and 150 to 350 feet wide for local people to be able to fish the waters, spot dolphins or manatees, and even sail to the Gulf of Mexico in just minutes. So, if you love the water, boating, and sailing the open ocean, you definitely need to check out Tierra Verde as soon as possible.

Boating In Tierra Verde, Florida For Sport And Pleasure

Locals in Tierra Verde, Florida have an infatuation with watersports, and more specifically boating. These activities are not just enjoyed by locals obviously, but watersports draw tens of thousands of visitors to the area every year. Its great climate and weather makes Tierra Verde an ideal choice for many fun and recreational water activities for families from around the world.

For some boaters in Tierra Verde fishing is a year around recreation and very big reason to even move to the city. Depending on the time of the year or season, fishermen can catch Black Drum, Redfish, Tripletail, Amberjack, Kingfish or King Mackerel, and Spotted Seatrout. Don’t worry if you don’t own a boat, there many establishments offering to rent boats by the hour, 4 hour (half day), and 6 hours (full day) for fishing in the gorgeous calm Gulf waters. These boats will vary from a 22 foot long center console power boat down to a 18 foot long Bowrider.

For the non-fishermen people who just want to enjoy boating for pleasure there’s a lot more for you to do as well, like catch some sun, enjoy the scenic coast or swim in the deep water with dolphins. But if boating is a little too calm and slow for you, then you may enjoy jet skiing, waterskiing, knee-boarding, wake-boarding and of course water tubing, all of which you can rent to boost your boating experience and create lasting memories with your family.

Just remember that if you don’t like sunshine, great weather, calm warm ocean waters, beautiful scenic views and fun recreational watersports, Tierra Verde is not the place for you. Tierra Verde, Florida is only for people who want to have fun and enjoy all the amenities that you can only here in this part of Florida’s West Gulf coast. Because one thing is for sure, if you travel or live in Tierra Verde and you don’t have any fun while you are there then you must be in the wrong place.

Fresh Seafood Menus in Tierra Verde, Florida

If you’re a seafood connoisseur you know how important it is to eat ocean fish as fresh off the water as possible, and there’s nowhere better for this than Tierra Verde, Florida. Most restaurants will usually have a “fresh catch” of the day on the menu directly from the market, and you will also find some regulars like Grouper, Tuna, Mahi, Mussels, Shrimp and Crab. If lobster is more your style you will be able to find the finest Florida lobster tail in the restaurants of Tierra Verde. There’s nothing like enjoying a great seafood meal by the ocean on an outside patio under the great Tierra Verde climate.

A few establishments even let you bring in your own catch, which they will prepare for you and serve it family style with any side they offer on the menu. Some of the finest Oysters are served right here in Tierra Verde, no matter how you eat them, whether you enjoy them raw, steamed, garlic parmesan, and even the rich style Rockefeller Oysters, cooked in their shells with chopped green herbs and a copious amount of butter. Don’t worry, you can still find tender beef steaks if you don’t eat seafood, and some of the best hamburgers around.

Consider Tierra Verde, Florida Next Time

If you are planning your next vacation or moving into the Tampa Bay area, you should really give the city of Tierra Verde some consideration for a lifestyle boost. You will find yourself doing hobbies and activities that you just can’t do anywhere else in Florida, let alone in the country. Tierra Verde is not just for retirees anymore, you will find people of backgrounds gravitating to the area looking to improve their lifestyle.

Imagine owning a piece of real estate in Tierra Verde, and if it was just a weekend home. One thing is for sure your investment would not go to waste, Tierra Verde is only starting to blossom and the secret of this tropical paradise is no longer a secret. It is estimated that 2,500 families are expected to move to the city of Tierra Verde once the construction of its development is fully completed. Take a trip with your family, visit the area and give this city a try, because we think you will be surprisingly delighted with the living style Tierra Verde offers its residents and will also offer you and your family.

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